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We answer the most common questions

4 stages of the « customer journey » :

  • Audit of your Company

Understanding of your market, your need and the feasability of the operation.

  • Recommandations

We will share with you our conclusions. We do not accept all customer requests to avoid errors. Certain tasks that are part of the core business must remain in house with our client.

  • Choice of the employee(s)

We will choose the best employees according to your needs. You will choose, before starting any collaboration, the employee(s) with whom you will work.

  • Customer service

In addition to being able to exchange directly with the collaborators who work for you, we offer a customer service in order to be attentive to any request. We believe that providing upstream solutions when a problem arises is more effective than accumulating imperfections.

80% of our customers did not think they needed an assistant. After the first audit step, by screening all the tasks of their daily lives, we discover time-consuming tasks that our customers did not think could be outsourced.

Thus, contact us we will guide you to the most suitable solution.


Yes and no! Yes if you want to be more efficient by keeping your time for yourself. No, if you think that internalizing everything is the right option. It is always possible to do it yourself but at what price? At the price of time … In the service market, is time not the main resource?

We will offer several options such as the phone, webcam, WhatsApp Web, Skype, Google Hangouts Messenger (Facebook) … In short, we will put in place the means of communication that you prefer.
At our competitors surely! We select the candidate (s) corresponding exactly to your requirements. French speaking and writing is impeccable. We favor multi-tasking candidates with the ability to build skills to become indispensable for your business. Reminder: We offer 2 weeks to try our solution.
It’s entirely possible ! However, it will take more time to find La Pépite.
Yes and No!
The price includes: The salary of the consultant, his office, his computer, micro / webcam … On the other hand, if you want a complementary service, such as a fixed telephone number, Maasil Inc will charge you the cost price.
The assistants are based in Madagascar.
Many professional customers call our services, at first, for tasks that are attractive to their business. In a second step, they get in the habit of subcontracting even personal tasks to exploit all the time offered by the remote assistant.
Our assistants have a bac + 2/3 level on an education base in France. Thus, the tasks performed are varied. Our clients focus on outsourcing low value-added tasks to maintain in-house expertise.

We will assist you with the types of tasks that you want to outsource. However, it is possible that we refuse some tasks with too high added value or certain tasks representing a strategic activity.

We will reassure our customers. You do not take more risk than by employing a French employee. We advise all of our customers to use a drive and to avoid the sharing of sensitive data. In the case where sharing is necessary, we invite our customers to use Team Viewer by making the consultant work remotely on a computer physically present on your premises. Another tool: LastPass extension on Google Chrome.
There is only one more hour in summer and 2 more hours in winter.
MaaSil-Inc will be the only organization that charged you. We will take each payment at the beginning of the month.
ANTICIPATE! Do not wait until the problem (s) you perceive become too important to go back. Talk to your assistant at first.

If the problem persists, contact us as soon as possible. We will find a solution

Your assistant is considered a service provider. Thus, he is not considered an employee. You will have nothing else to pay than the amount on your bill.
It depends on your need! Do you need a Commercial BtoB? Your assistant will probably have a business school training. need a web editor? Background school of journalism or digital marketing.
We have a technician to handle any technical problem (who arrive little in the way). As well as a manager assigned by consultant to manage their problems / training / delays daily.