Full Time Offer

55 to 100 € /Day
Our offers are free of engagement

  • Weekly 40h basis (Possibility of Overtime)

  • Monthly Levy at the beginning of the Month

  • Direct communication with your assistant / consultant via WhatsApp/ Skype / Google Hangout …

  • Confidentiality of the tasks performed

  • Professional or private use

Consultants profiles: IT, engineers, business school, communication, accountant, law ...

Anjara Fy
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In order to determine the potential savings that our service can bring you, please enter the average monthly cost of an employee

Average Monthly Salary of your Employees (Social charges Included)
Average Monthly Cost of Offices per EmployeePar Employé
Average of other fees per employee (computer, office supplies ...)
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For an employee, the economy is [ field8 + field9 + field36 - 1190 ] € per mont!


Call us directly on : +33 6 69 09 92 84 ; or send an email at : .

Want to get in touch with our Lead Developer, contact him right Now : Andee